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Swarna Prashana Bindu (1 No's)

Swarna Prashana Bindu (1 No's)

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Swarna Bindu Prashana 

Ayurvedic Way of Immunization / Vaccination Program

In Every Month on the Day of Pushya Nakshatra

Swarna Prashana is one  of sixteen samskaras mentioned in ancient texts for paediatrics. It is an unique method to build long lasting health and intellect naturally without leaving any harmful side effects.

For Children Age of 6months to 16 Years

Call 9148403168 for Registration

Why Swarna Prashana @ AyurJaala

  1. Our Swarna Prashana is Individual and Accurate & Exact Quality Dosage
  2. Purest Herbs are used to ensure highest efficacy. 
  3. Parcel Pack available 
  4. Free Doctor Consultation or Counselling  by our Expert doctor. 

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