Collection: Prachina Veda

Prachina Veda is an Indian brand that produces organic and natural products based on traditional Indian living methods. They source their ingredients from certified organic growers, ensuring the quality and purity of their products.

Here are some of the principles that Prachina Veda follows:

  • Use of traditional ingredients: Prachina Veda uses ingredients that have been used by our ancestors and other traditional Indian systems for centuries. These ingredients are believed to have a number of health benefits.
  • Sustainable practices: Prachina Veda is committed to sustainable practices. They use organic farming methods to grow their crops.
  • Fair trade: Prachina Veda pays fair prices to the farmers who grow their crops. This helps to ensure that the farmers can make a living and that they can continue to grow organic crops & affordability to consumers. 

Prachina Veda offers a wide range of products, including millets, spice, seeds, jaggery & salt, oil and rices . Their products are available online and in some stores in India.

If you are looking for organic and natural products that are made using traditional methods, Prachina Veda is a good option. Their products are high-quality and they are committed to sustainable practices.